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Stephanie J. Block
4th-Oct-2009 07:43 pm - a few steph icons
parks ; & i like you
40 - The Office season 6
10 - Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski
25 - Hair cast
20 - Alice Ripley (pics from her facebook)
10 - Wicked (current bway cast)
10 - Stephanie J. Block/Kendra Kassebaum/Julia Murney/Teal Wicks
5 - Jayma Mays

Find more HERE @ slur_a_plea
28th-Sep-2009 11:50 am - [216] Icons - Multifandom post
[216] Icons
[18] 9 to 5: The Musical
[14] Stephanie J. Block
[46] Cote de Pablo
[2] Lisa Edelstein
[7] Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny
[10] Ziva/Gibbs

[3] Allison Janney
[98] The West Wing
[18] Mary-Louise Parker

[13] Banner-y/User info things
[3] Allison Janney & Stephanie J. Block
[9] Lisa Edelstein
[1] Ziva/Gibbs

[2] 9 to 5: The Musical

[3] Wallpapers
[3] NCIS


down the rabbit hole )
20th-Sep-2009 03:29 am - happy (belated) birthday steph!
bette// and thats just the carry on
Click the picture about for an all out love post. Pictures, videos, stories, etc! The more the merrier.
6th-Sep-2009 05:24 pm - picspam!
bsg → call me god

a 9 to 5 picspam.
Here. Come share your thoughts/experiences/stories/whatever! :)
1st-Sep-2009 09:59 pm - icons!
bette// and thats just the carry on
(19) Cast of Hair
(32) Cast of 9 to 5

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


29th-Jul-2009 03:25 pm - I'm crying (really, I am)
bsg → call me god
According to Broadwayworld.com, the 9 to 5 Broadway production will close on September 6th, 2009.

9 To 5: The Musical will play its final Broadway performance on Sunday, September 6, 2009, following 24 previews and 148 performances. 9 To 5: The Musical opened at the Marriott Marquis Theatre (1535 Broadway) on April 30, 2009 starring four-time Emmy Award winner and Tony Award nominee Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, Megan Hilty, and two-time Tony Award nominee Marc Kudisch.

An extensive national tour of 9 To 5: The Musical will launch the week of September 20, 2010 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville.

Read the full article.

This is sad news, but alas, true. Let's all try and be supportive of Stephanie (and the cast) and see the show one more time before it closes! :)
20th-Jul-2009 04:27 pm - Oh hey, pictures!
bsg → call me god
So, a lot has been going on with the Steph in the last couple of days! :)

This Place I Know release concert at Bridland happened on July 13th. A bunch of gorgeous pictures have surfaced. Click below.

The cast of 9 to 5 did a performance and an autograph signing at Barnes and Noble on July 14th, and again, pretty píctures! :)

Check out this video, where the 9 to 5 cast members talk about the B&N signing.

Also, Stephanie performed along fellow cast members in this year's Broadway in Bryant Park.
14th-Jul-2009 12:34 am - Broadway Barks + WSJ
bsg → call me god
Stephanie appeared at the 11th Broadway Barks yesterday.
Look at the cute pictures!

Also, she did a short interview with The Wall Street Journal. Read the full interview.Collapse )
6th-Jul-2009 01:38 am - bring on the picpsam!
bsg → call me god

Gorgeous Stephanie pictures, y/y? :)
All here, at my journal.

I'm going to take this chance to encourage everyone who has any sort of fanart (be it icons, drawings, etc.), and wants to share, to go ahead and post it to the community! Any sort of fanart is allowed, so come on, don't be shy! SJB love is always appreciated ♥ :)

3rd-Jul-2009 07:26 pm - icons!
bsg → call me god
Icons + Banners
44 Stephanie J. Block at B&N (icons)
06 Stephanie J. Block at B&N (banners)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

See them all.
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